Alcoholic Beverage Operator (ABO) Office

Persons employed with businesses that sell or serve alcoholic beverages in the City of Bossier City must obtain an Alcoholic Beverage Operator (ABO) Card. Persons may apply for ABO cards at the Bossier City ABO Lab Office.

Application Conditions

To apply for or renew a Bossier City ABO card, the following conditions shall be met first:
  • Applicants must provide a $26 payment when you apply.
  • Applicants must also provide payment for a separate $30 processing fee upon receiving your ABO card. 
  • Both $26 fee and $30 fee can not be payed on a single money order. Payment for these fees must be separate.
  • Bossier City ABO cards are valid for a period of 3 years.
  • Methods of payments accepted: We accept Credit & Debit Cards (Visa or Mastercard),  Cash (no bills over $20), or Money Orders (remember 2 separate Money Orders of $26 and $30)
A Bossier City ABO card is only valid in Bossier City. Cardholders who plan on working somewhere other that Bossier City must apply for an ABO card issued by that respective city.

Note: In the event an ABO card is lost, the cardholder may obtain a replacement card at a cost of $10 provided the lost card has not expired.


The ABO Office also provides fingerprinting to the public for job-related purposes and for concealed handgun permits Applicants for concealed handgun permits must present a passport photo at the time of application. The fingerprinting fee is $20 per print card.